The DFC Holiday Hookup
For Pickup or Delivery


We've got something extra special for all you families, friends and orphan homies this year... It's the first ever DFC Holiday Hookup! We're offering a special edition menu fresh for the holiday featuring all the classic Thanksgiving hits with the DFC twist.

Here's how it works: 

  • All of our dishes are designed for 4 - 6 people with leftover size portions
  • Hot dishes are made ready to serve or reheat with provided instructions
  • Orders must be placed by November 23rd for pickup in Koreatown or delivery
  • Items are cooked at our A-rated commercial kitchen at the Hotel Normandie in Koreatown
  • Place your order by email and we'll call to confirm and process payment by Credit Card or PayPal

If you have any questions, call us at 213.321.3534 or email


JuJu Smoked Turkey

12 - 15 Lbs. Mary's Free Range Pasture Raised Whole Turkey wet rubbed in the DFC classic JuJu wet rub. A Caribbean vibe rub with big ginger, scotch bonnet scallion, thyme,  and a blend of dope spices. The bird gets smoked in Cherrywood for 10 hours slow and low ready to serve or reheat. 

Lil K-Town Fried Turkey

12 - 15 Lbs. Mary's Free Range Pasture Raised Whole Turkey dry rubbed in the DFC classic JuJu dry rub. A Korean vibe dry rub with big ginger, Korean chili, and a blend of dope spices. The bird gets fried in peanut oil ready to serve or reheat.


Sock-It-To-Me Fried Cornish Hens

4x Hens. This is the classic DFC staple fried chicken spices and breading on a special edition Thanksgiving Cornish Hens. This housemade granola breading has 25 different ingredients including nuts, oats, fruits, herbs and spices.




Ginger & Garlic Star Pot Roast with Root Vegetables

3 - 5 Lb Grass Fed Organic Beef Boneless Chuck Roast injected with pureed ginger and garlic, with a secret blend of aromatic and baking spices, fruit and wine.

Vegan Option: Swap Beef Roast for Wood Oven Seitan Roast (It's delicious!)

Smoked Old Fashioned Pineapple Cherry Pulled Pork

Organic Pork Shoulder cooked up slow and low, marinated in our Low Key pork blend, topped with a bruleed pineapple and Luxardo cherry sauce, mopped with with a Bulleit Bourbon and pecan mop sauce. 



Two Day Rustic Gumbo
*Contains Pork and Chicken

This is a 48 hour process to build a double broth gumbo like they used to. 6 Whole Crab Claws, Head-On Shrimp, 
Scallop, Andouille Sausage, Chicken, Roasted Okra. It's the real.


Blackened Shrimp and Okra
Mofongo Tamale

Blackened Tiger Shrimp and Okra stewed in a tomato base broth, stuffed in the mashed plantain and masa dough, steamed in corn husk and kissed with a Grand Central Mole sauce.


Casserole Dishes

Peach Blue-Cornbread Stuffing

The new classic DFC Chicken Sausage stuffing with preserved peach, fried sage, dried herbs and a spice blend with a housemade chopped blue cornbread ready to serve or reheat.

Vegan Option: Swap Chicken Sausage for Crispy Spiced Tempeh.


Mashed UP Potatoes and Gizzard Gravy 

Whipped parsnips and Yukon Gold potatoes with roasted garlic, butter, white pepper and cream, served with a chicken finger lickin' gizzard gravy on the side.

Vegan Option: Swap Chicken Gravy for Portobello Gravy and Dairy Cream for Coconut Cream.

Santigold Mac and Cheese

A Three Cheese Coconut Cream Sauce on Pasta Mix, Topped with Layers of Fried Scallions, Shredded Coconut, Crushed Crackers, and Cold Smoked Cheddar.

No Vegan Option Available



Tomatillo Collard Green (Vegan)

Slow braised collard and mustard greens in an LA inspired poblano, tomatillo, and Pacifico stew. 



Roasted Winter Vegetables (Vegan)

A mix of slow roasted Farmer's Market veggies. Squash, beets, carrots, cauliflowers, or whatever looks beautiful. Cooked down with olive oil, salt, and pepper, served with a homemade sauce vert.


Gotta Have Green Beans (Vegan)

Green String Beans and Wax Beans braised in a garlic, tomato, and sesame oil low-key umami broth.



Black and White Sweet Potato Pie

Japanese yam potato pie topped with a white chocolate ganache and toasted black sesame seeds. 

*Vegan Available

Pumpkin Chocolate Triflin' Cake Cake

Pumpkin cake served with a white chocolate cream, topped with dark chocolate pumpkin seed ganache.

*Vegan Available

Mile High Lemon Meringue

Meyer Lemon custard pie with a pistachio graham cracker crust  with an up top baked meringue.



(Chicken Gizzard or Vegan Portobello)

Sock-it-to-Me Cranberry sauce
Secret DFC holiday cranberry recipe.

DFC Crak Sauce
Signature Apricot Habanero Hot Sauce

Bread (I'd Order Two)

DFC Coconut Honey Biscuits

Pineapple Onion Skillet Rolls